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Medical Apparatus and Methods

Patent protection can be obtained for many biophysical inventions used in the clinical environment, including:

  • Feeding and Medication Introduction Devices
  • Sustained Delivery Systems
  • Composition and Delivery Methods
  • Medical Agent Carrier Systems
  • Orthopedic Devices and Accessories for the Physically Disabled
  • Compositions and Methods for Treatment of Skin Irritations
  • Novel Fractionating Methods for Separating Specific Compounds
  • Novel Medical Device Surface Coatings

Applications Expertise
  • Endotracheal Tube and Medication Introduction Device
  • Sustained Delivery System for Therapeutic Agents
  • Antibiotic Composition and Delivery Method
  • Semi-Solid Therapeutic Agent Carrier System (Technician's Caddy)
  • Attachable Compartment Device for Walkers
  • Solution to Eliminate Razor Burn
  • Composition and Method for Treating Diaper Rash
  • Sleep Detection and Driver Alert Apparatus