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Consumer Products

Consumer products generally include both mechanical and electrical components but tend to create the need for particular expertise in analysis, drafting, and prosecution. Focus is placed on the special needs of clients who sell products to retail consumers, businesses, and manufacturers.

Although the classifications are broad, they include:
  • Automotive Aftermarket-Semi-Truck Trailer Accessory, Wheel Alignment Machine, Portable Winch Assembly with Hydraulics
  • Electronics-Video Arcade Accounting System, Camcorder Portable Table-Top Stand, Computer Cable Storage and Decorative Devices
  • Hardware-Adjustable Shovel Tool for Removing Roof Shingles, Welding Chipping Tool, Multi-Functional Cutting Tool for the Sheetrock Industry
  • Health and Beauty Aids-Tangle-Free Hair Brush, Non-Electrical Massaging Device with Rolling Agitator, Customizable Arch Supports
  • Home and Garden-Cookware Lid Organizer, Pet Food Dish, Humorous Child Aerosol Spray with Bubblegum Fragrance, Improved Mousetrap
  • Sports and Leisure-Baseball team Clapping Puppet, Hunter's Tree Support, Fishing Lures of Assorted Types, Bait and Tackle Compartmentalized Lighted Box
  • Toys and Novelties-Variety of Board Games for All Ages, Lotto Number Selection Device, Ethnic Heritage Stationery, Plush Toy Designs